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What are Cybersecurity audits and why are they important?

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Cybersecurity has been the talk of the town ever since the first computer virus was created. We keep on hearing about many security breaches that keep on happening all around the world. Before we answer what are cybersecurity audits, we must address why these breaches keep on happening.

Top reasons for cybersecurity breaches:

  • Weak Security

  • Weak Infrastructure

  • Poor Firewall Configuration

  • Poor Control Setup

  • Essential software not being updated frequently

  • Loopholes in the program that are in use

  • Zero-day Vulnerability

Like these, there are many more reasons for security breaches. As the reasons are pretty self-explanatory, we move on to the what and why part of the question.

What are cybersecurity audits?

cybersecurity audits

A typical definition goes like “A cybersecurity audit is a comprehensive study and analysis of a business’s IT infrastructure”. In simpler words, it means that in a cybersecurity audit experts review/hack (with permission)/exploit (with permission) and analyze the IT infrastructure. During an audit, we take into account that how infrastructure was implemented, what are the plausible loopholes that would pave the way into a bigger data breach. Additionally, it’s not just a simple scan! Many factors are taken into account when we do a cybersecurity audit. An audit is designed to audit a company/product/systems or complete IT infrastructure against international security standards to validate them against these standards and to ensure that the right compliances are met by an organization. Many organizations live under a false sense of assurance that they don’t need these types of audits and fall prey to severe breaches. The goal of this article is not to scare but to educate the masses on the importance of cybersecurity audits.

Why are they important for your business?

why are they important

As the hackers’ attack processes, weak systems, people, and weakest links of any organization, it is important to understand the importance of cybersecurity audits.

  • Security of data: Assures that the data is being protected and safeguarded.

  • Operational security: The operations that are carried out in an organization are thoroughly audited.

  • Helps identify weak links in an organization.

  • Analysis reports recommend how to leverage the technology to safeguard the business.

  • Protects reputation of an organization.

  • Assurance to clients, employees, and technology vendors.

  • A comprehensive report consists of detailed analysis, reconnaissance of security procedures and mitigations.

The frequency of these audits may vary according to the nature of business, size, and operations of a company. However, audits as frequent as twice a year are recommended at the least.

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