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How to fend off against MITM

We live in a world where people are habitual of nosing into everything. There’s no wonder that similar ones exist in our cybersecurity ecosystems as well. MITMs or Man In The Middle attack is the perfect example of this scenario. At any given moment there’s someone or the other who’s trying to MITM your organisation mostly with evil intent so that they can compromise your networks and give your systems a run for their life.
Mostly a MITM works on the principle of eavesdropping onto the transitioning traffic to intercept the traffic in between and sniff the data. The consequences of MITMs vary on a scale depending on the intent and scale of the attack. The attacker can either sniff the essential credentials or even the ongoing transactions for the monetary gains as well. While falling prey to a MITM attack can be embarrassing but it also poses a question on the organisation’s cybersecurity measures. Let’s quickly go through the checklist/measures that can be adapted to minimize the risks of falling prey to a MITM attack -
1. Implementation of honey pots. If someone’s trying to attack your systems, why not give them some challenges to go through? Honeypots can be helpful to distract the attacker and buy some time for your organisation to mitigate the loopholes through which the attack was executed.
2. Usage of strong encryption standards for the local connections One of the easiest ways of executing a MITM is compromised or low-level encryption standards which can be broken just a brute-force.
3. Strong login credentials Let’s not deny the fact that we all try to save the hassle of remembering the strong passwords and use the simplest one and try to call it a day. This type of practice puts your systems in grave danger as they are easy to brute-force. Try password managers to store strong passwords and take a step further to ensure the usage of strong login credentials.
4. VPNs! Virtual Private Networks are regarded as one of the best practices to ensure network integrity. The critical infrastructures of the organisations shouldn’t be public-facing and easily discoverable.
5. Conduct regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing. Regular VAPT should be conducted of the critical infrastructure to ensure that your systems are under compliance with the best standards and you are aware of their shortcomings so that they can be mitigated easily. We at Nexix Security Labs offer one of the best VAPT solutions so that the only thing you have to worry about is the systems are safe and running.
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