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Vulnerability Assessment

A Vulnerability assessment is a method used to identify and quantify security vulnerabilities in a given context. It is a thorough evaluation of the security of information status. It also defines possible vulnerabilities and offer effective prevention strategies, either to fix those weaknesses or to reduce them below the risk threshold.

Organizations are concerned with downtime or other factors that cause of dependency. As a result, most organizations prefer to postpone installation of patch updates. What they don’t consider, though, is that with each delay the window of opportunity for hackers increases. Organizations must prepare for these upgrades to be introduced effectively and consistently for minimum interruption.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is a method of security testing that is used to assess the security of a system. It tests the ability of the device to secure its networks, application, endpoint and users from external or internal attacks. It also facilitates safeguards and ensuring only authorized access.

Hacking one of these application is not an end-game hacker who leverages these ingress points to make lateral moves to enter more private and critical IT assets. Therefore, paying the utmost attention to protection, beginning from start-up to implementation is very important and frequently takes the back seat during the hurried release cycles of the application.

Red Teaming

Penetration testing and security assessments are critical for determining your organization's vulnerability to cybersecurity threats. Red Team Operations aims to increase the preparedness of your assets and staff by conducting a realistic security incident simulation that can target your organization's cyber, physical, and human information security aspects.

What is the procedure for Red Team Operations?

During red teaming engagements, realistic attack scenarios are carried out utilizing open source information (OSINT) and threat intelligence pertinent to your organization's IT infrastructure, staff, and premises. Each attack scenario has a clear and tangible goal targeted to your business (a.k.a. vital functions or flags), which would cause considerable damage to your firm's assets, reputation, or regulatory compliance under other circumstances.

Cyber Forensic

Early detection and investigation are crucial for thwarting attackers and responding to threats. However, an excessive quantity of notifications, insufficient information, and a lack of visibility might prohibit you from completing these critical activities.

Our Forensics and Investigation solutions will provide you with attack context, infrastructure-wide visibility, codified knowledge, rich knowledge, and insights garnered from responding to the world's most devastating attacks. As a result, you'll have everything you need to identify, triage, investigate, and mitigate threats quickly.

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