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Zero-Day Vulnerability

From time to time, vulnerabilities have been identified on computer networks. This security bugs allow attackers to gain, damage, or expose unauthorized access to the device.

All tech companies and independent security researchers are constantly searching for new device flaws. When a bug is found, it is the task of the app developer to promptly release an update that resolves the security problem.

A zero-day (or 0-day) vulnerability is a system weakness that is identified by hackers even before developer becomes informed of it. At that moment, that there's no workaround, so perpetrators can quickly compromise the flaw, realizing that no safeguards are in place. This makes zero-day bugs a serious security problem.

When adversaries have discovered a zero-day flaw, they need a delivery mechanism to access the compromised device. In certain instances, the distribution method is a socially constructed email—an email that is allegedly from an established or reputable correspondent, but is really from an intruder. The email is intended to persuade a person to take an act such as opening a file or accessing a compromised website, unintentionally triggering the exploit.

When a patch is posted and then used, the flaw is no longer called a zero-day exploit. These bugs are normally found immediately. In fact, it often takes years, for a developer to know the loophole that led to the intrusion.

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