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Signal: The Secure Messaging Prodigy


Remember texting your friends and family on BBM? The Blackberry Messenger was one of the most amazing messaging services of the gone years. It was simple and robust but the company discontinued the consumer version of the application recently. There has been stupendous development in the instant messaging services in this era. One such application is Signal.

The signal is an open-sourced instant messaging application initially released in 2014 with the latest build released in Sept. 2020. Signal offers a secure messaging service and all your conversations are private to you and the person you text. There is no fear of someone spying on you and/or reading your conservations. Let's see what makes Signal the top contender for instant messaging.

End-to-end encryption: Every form of communication that's done through signal is end-to-end encrypted. End-to-end encryption means that the messages and calls are encrypted on sending as well as receiving end (to know more about encryption read our blog about encryption)click here. This ensures the integrity of communication channels. WhatsApp also offers end-to-end encryption but its owned by Facebook. You know what that means.

No tie-ups to big tech companies: Unlike WhatsApp and Facebook messenger, Signal isn't backed by big tech companies. We all know about the Cambridge Analytica scam and much more. We know that big tech companies farm on user data. Signal app is free from all that crap.

No ads: There are absolutely no ads and no trackers in Signal app. This ensures that no sensitive user data is farmed and made a profit from.

Open sourced: Signal is truly for the people by the people. A huge open-sourced developer community helps in maintaining the app and support its development. Signal foundation depends on community donations.

Signal is backed by Edward Snowden, the famous whistleblower who leaked that how NSA spies on people. Privacy is becoming a major necessity in recent times. With all those big tech companies spying on users and farming their data, it becomes important that we start respecting our user data. With the likes of Signal, we finally have a worthy option. It is available for Android, iOS, and windows pcs.

Important note: Nexix Security Labs is not affiliated with Signal foundation in any way. This article is written to spread awareness.



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