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What can go wrong with the security of your Cloud Infrastructure?

More and more business are moving their assets that were previously housed on-premises to the cloud in an effort to cut expenses and increase scalability. As a result, cybercriminals are adapting their attack strategies to focus on cloud infrastructures, using methods like social engineering and taking advantage of configuration mistakes.

Over the past year, Nexix Security Labs experts have witnessed a dramatic uptick in both private and public cloud-related incident response engagements. As the attack surface in the cloud grows, so does the demand for cloud security services.

Organizations need a well-developed cloud security posture to keep up with the increasing number of cloud-hosted environments. Security-conscious businesses of all sizes are increasingly eager to investigate how they can audit and validate the security of their cloud infrastructure.

What should be done to protect against these attack?

Cloud Assessment is a service for businesses that want to start from scratch when establishing a cyber defence function, improve their current processes and supporting technology, and accurately gauge the success of their program in the face of persistent and sophisticated real-world attacks.

How we help Businesses:

The Nexix Security Labs Cloud architecture and Security Assessment examines your existing state of security and advises reinforcing priorities for assets on the three most common cloud platforms: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.

This evaluation enhances your organization's capability to identify, investigate, and respond to attacker behaviour across the entire attack lifecycle by providing insights into the threats and security measures relevant to your cloud environment.

In order to better prepare you for real-world assaults, our specialists will conduct mock attacks in your environment that are based on real-world attack behaviours seen during recent Nexix Security Labs incident response investigations, with steps as follows:

  • Identify cloud-hosted attack surface threats relevant to your environment

  • Validate cloud-security vulnerabilities prior to their exploitation by an attacker.

  • Learn about the most recent cloud security issues impacting your firm based on incident response expertise in the field.

Following the evaluation, Nexix Security Labs produces a comprehensive report with an improvement roadmap with prioritized implementation recommendations tailored to the needs of your organization.

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