Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing


Why VAPT is important?
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What exactly is VAPT?

To properly evaluate what are the exact auditing needs of your firm or financial organisation, it is important to understand the wide range of the technical aspects of VAPT

What exactly is VAPT?

Basically, VAPT is a generalized term for a process which is specifically designed to identify, rank and quantify the cyber security vulnerabilities found in a system. The process can be fully automated or human led as per the needs.

Why is VAPT important?

Cyber security is a rapidly changing paradigm. With the constant evolution in hacking and penetration techniques, it becomes mandatory to have your system in check and have them audited from time to time.

VAPT audits help you understand the break points and possible vulnerabilities in your systems through which a perpetrator can compromise them.

VAPT audits are extremely crucial if you want to strengthen your organisation's network security.

Audits are not only limited to IT companies but

financial institutions such as banks, FinTech firms are also included.


Our Approach

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