A nextgen VPN solution harboring different types of VPN protocols which can be customized to suit your desired level of privacy and security.

Highly Scalable

Our flexible VPN service allows you to manage your network infrastructure of any size and scale without any hassle


VPN client independent

Our VPN service is independent of client which ensures cross platform compatibility so that you can deploy our VPN on any client running on

either Windows or Linux

Save time and resources

The VPN comes in a ready to deploy state,

and is compatible with your existing

hardwareso that it can be configured

quickly without any added costs

Meets compliance standards

Our VPN service works under the industry assured compliance so that you can be assured 

to know that your data is channeled securely

Encrypts transmitted data

When configured, NexVPN assures that the data passing through it is encrypted over 256 bit encryption so that data packets are safe over the internet 

Simple and customizable

VPN crafted while keeping the check of 

your special needs in mind. NexVPN can

easily be customized and configured as

per your needs

Key Highlight

* Each of our client gets a personalized VPN server

* These servers can be managed by the clients through the security access keys provided by us

NexVPN isn't just a VPN it's fully configurable security enhancing VPN and tunneling solution! 

Our Featured Protocol list



With added OpenSSH over NexVPN adds an additional layer of encryption for remote execution shells which are private and can be accessed by only authorized person


It is build on the top of high standard protocols such as HTTPS, TLS and DTLS and is one of the most widely used VPN technology to connect to a VPN server. It is also highly resistant to censorship and is almost never blocked


This incredibly secure and highly configurable VPN ensures that your data is always encrypted over the internet. In cases the network fails, this client pauses so the network re-config can take place so as to ensure no data loss happens which is an added layer of protection for the users


The firewalls are configured as per the requirements of our clients which actively filters traffic and will block every connection request to any unauthorized port


Our users/clients can take an advantage of this simple yet powerful VPN client which happens to be fast and secure enough to include most cryptographic functionality which most of the popular VPN solutions lack


Stunnel protocol creates a protective wrap around the VPN connections. When used, it additionally encrypts and secures the connections so that the data is secure over the internet

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