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What We Do

Nexix Security Labs is Nagpur based cybersecurity company. We provide our prospects with top-of- the-line cybersecurity audits. With our experience, we continuously aim to move the cybersecurity model to the next stage.

At Nexix, we help you reinforce your network so that you can concentrate on your company and productivity.

We are obsessively passionate about cybersecurity and subtend to all your security requirements. We are at the verge of ensuring security across networks to all our clients including banking and IT sector and to strengthen cybersecurity index of our nation.

Our Vision

At Nexix we believe that cybersecurity isn’t an option but a necessity in today’s day and era. Neglecting cybersecurity is a thing of the past and we need to change that notion.


Nexix Security Labs provides its clients with industry-standard cybersecurity audits to help them identify the risks to fix the vulnerabilities and leverage their security.

Every organization builds itself bit by bit and over the years. Just one cybersecurity incident is required to ruin that reputation. We believe that our clients deserve peace of mind. Therefore, we help our clients with complete red teaming, vulnerability assessments, and penetration testing to help them identify the loopholes and vulnerabilities in their systems to fix them before a cybersecurity incident happens. With Nexix your security is our responsibility.

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We at Nexix security Labs envision a better future for the businesses and enterprises through the domain of cyber security. We help you to properly detect, examine and respond to the cyber security issues faced by your firm.


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Maharashtra, India

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